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Offering free software under the brand of Freemium as a start, we gained several years of experiences in the field of software monetization. By implementing partner software in our installer, we managed to successfully monetize our software and to increase our revenues on a daily basis. Since then, we have improved our technology and performance of our installer continuously. This way we created a technical solution, which provides webmasters and software developers a tool for worldwide expansion and additional revenue streams. Today our installer is 100% customizable to meet every single partner’s needs and our enhanced backend system provides our partners with a comfortable online reporting tool. Thanks to our top notch technical solution and to our experienced and enthusiastic team we can now proudly say that we have become the German market leader in the field of install traffic monetization.
Our goal is to provide advertisers with high quality traffic and to offer publishers a solution to monetize their traffic. In order to express this, and to separate it from our software product line, we named this division The BundlingNetwork by Freemium.