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The ADEX is the global technology specialist for data driven advertising. In times of excessive information overload, relevance is more important than ever. And this is where The ADEX steps in: Core products offered by the SaaS vendor are solutions for programmatic marketing and real-time advertising. By aggregating and analyzing complex and ample data sets, ADEX provides audience segments to all participants within the real-time advertising market. With exceptional and innovative technologies, advertisers are empowered to eliminate losses from scattering and may target their ads solely against users that have proven to be a perfect fit. Big data based machine-learning algorithms and connections to all relevant digital marketplaces, actually make evolving trends available for B2B customers in an instant. As an active member of various industry associations, ADEX is in the lead of privacy compliant advertising practices. Offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, London and Locarno handle the European business.