About us

Who we are

Covus is a german venture builder focusing on data driven lead generation technology at big data scale. In our headquarter in the heart of Berlin and offices in San Francisco and Hamburg we are currently running 10 companies, employing more than 160 people from all over the world.

Our history

In 2003, Sven Lubek founded Covus. His vision: leading the market of automatic digital lead generation! Coming from leading management positions of some of the largest Internet companies in Europe, Sven has become an expert in the areas of digital commerce, search engine optimization and online marketing. With this background, he already knew about the big influence of a high-level domain-portfolio, which became a focus of Covus. Within the next years, Covus built one of the largest domain portfolios in Germany, now including more than 50,000 individual domains.
Based on these fundamentals, the Covus Group began to build companies with a strong focus on high quality lead generation. The number of employees grew quickly and our ventures began to cover their markets.

The digital marketplace browsergames.de, became one of the fastest growing ventures in the Covus-Portfolio. Through efficient and smart search engine optimization, the portal quickly had millions of visitors and became the largest browser games portal in Europe with subsidiaries in France, Spain, Poland, Great Britain and the USA. In June 2011, ProSiebenSat.1 Group became part of the venture and the strong growth of browsergames.de lead to a full sale of Browsergames.de to the ProSiebenSat.1 Group. This created a close working relationship between the two companies and led to numerous collaborations.

Today, the Covus Group is running 10 companies and employs about 160 people. In our headquarter in Berlin and offices in San Francisco and Hamburg, we are constantly working on new ideas and companies, always focusing what we do best:

Things we are focusing on

Covus builds an excellent data driven lead generation technology at big data scale that uses our experiences in automation and business intelligence in order to improve the quality of lead generation. Covus’ powerful technology drives best-in-plan results for advertisers and empowers media teams to focus on their main business. Its distributed computing engine currently delivers thousands of leads per day and selects the best for its customers via exclusive relationships with major publishers and exchanges. This technique has proven itself across the web, mobile, video, and social media channels. Amongst others, we are focusing on the following topics:


Through our own portals and our partners we see millions of users each month. Our business intelligence understands the needs of our visitors and uses smart data to deliver the right content to them. By matching the right visitors with our clients, we generate thousands of loyal customers for them every month.


We know the online marketing business for more than 15 years and are an active partner in protecting our partners against affiliate fraud. We use our own artificial intelligence to detect fraud and raise the lead quality for our partners.


High lead quality means that customers find what they are looking for. With dynamic content and high quality articles we help our visitors to reach their goal quicker. This way we create thousands of satisfied customers for our clients every day.